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What to expect

Jo Pitkin CBT therapist and Hypnotherapist

Sessions are calm, relaxed and future focussed. They will be led by you as my approach is carefully tailored to your needs so that change can be realised quickly and effectively.


Number of sessions:

During an initial free consultation (phone or facetime) I can answer any questions you might have. We work together to agree a clear and realistic goal with an evidenced based treatment plan to help you achieve it. At regular agreed intervals we will review progress to guarantee lasting change.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with the option of Hypnotherapy is typically a short-term treatment (such as 4-8 sessions), underpinned by extensive peer-reviewed scientific research. CBT gives you the necessary tools and skills to allow you to overcome problems and become more resilient in the future.  


One reason why CBT treatment is typically short-term is because it is a highly proactive therapy; it involves you noticing what skills and techniques you can be curious enough to try between sessions and building your curiosity and confidence. The more you practice the techniques given the more quickly progress can be observed. The first few sessions initially may be weekly and then gradually space apart a little more as you have more techniques to use and apply in everyday life.


Initial Consultation (20minutes) – Free

Relaxation Hypnotherapy 60 Mins - £50

CBT Therapy 60 Mins - £75

CBT with Hypnotherapy 95 Mins - £95 

Productivity Programme 3 x CBT - £200

Healthy relationship with food programme - 

3 x CBT + Hypnotherapy sessions £250 

To Book a session please contact

or call 01722 466554

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