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CBT & Me - Is CBT right for me?

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This short course walks you through the initial stages of CBT sessions to help you understand whether this is the right style of therapy for you. With so many different types and styles of therapy available, I created this course to help you understand more about CBT, why it is referred to as the 'gold standard of therapy' by the British Psychological Society and what questions are involved in our sessions. CBT is purposefully a future focussed therapy and this will give you the foundations of what to expect when you work with me. It is essentially that we understand what is happening currently that gets in your way of living the life you want to lead, so we also explore what that version of your life looks like, the difference that would make to you and the impact it will have on you, your relationships, your work, your play and which motivates you most to make the changes you want to see. I have also included videos at every stage to help you understand the reasoning behind each section. By providing videos it also gives you the chance to see whether I am someone you would feel comfortable to work with. The root of effective therapy is your relationship with your therapist. You want to feel comfortable to speak feely and without judgement in a safe and trusting environment. I hope you enjoy this course, if you have any queries please do WhatsApp me directly on 07977 695841. Kindest regards Jo

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